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Steve Wallace        

Computer programmer, business analyst, compliance guru and an effective advocate for your idea and business.

      Steve is a sole practitioner born and raised in High Point.  He received his B.A. degree in 1992 from North Carolina State University.  He worked as a corporate networking sales engineer for CompUSA until taking a job engineering electrical projects and developing a paperless network infrastructure at Bryant Electric Company.  While working at Bryant, Steve received his M.S. in International Business from High Point University in 1998.  He then went to law school.  In 2002, he received his J.D. from Regent University and opened his own law firm.  During the early years he focused on business and property before handling complex business litigation.  While handling contentious business cases, he achieved his LLM with Highest Honors in Litigation and Dispute Resolution from George Washington University in 2007.  Afterwards in 2011, Steve focused on trial litigation for several years before working on the CJA panel for the Middle District of North Carolina defending Federal criminals.  Then in 2017, he decided to take on the challenge of enhancing his intellectual property practice by adding a patent license.  However, Steve didn’t have his undergraduate degree in science.  His background was in international business and law.  The fastest route was to take on the undergraduate degree in chemistry at UNC-G.  Upon reaching the required patent credentials, Steve took and passed the Patent Bar allowing him to further his intellectual property litigation practice with patents and trademarks.  Endeavoring to master intellectual property (IP) and craving competitive knowledge led him to continue his education and complete a second LLM in intellectual property.  Now with an eye for international innovative business and the other on litigating the law, Steve seeks to help inventors develop long-term strategies and protection for their ideas to capture and maintain their market shares.