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Stephen F. Wallace



Canidate for Bachelor of Science in Chemistry  (BS)                              May 2022

   University of North Carolina at Greensboro, North Carolina

Master of Laws in Intellectual Property (LLM)                                         August 2020

   The University of New Hampshire Law School, Concord, New Hampshire

Master of Laws in Litigation and Dispute Resolution (LLM)                   May 2007

   The George Washington University Law School, Washington D.C.                     


Juris Doctor  (JD)                                                                                           December 2002

   Regent University Law School, Virginia Beach, Virginia                         


Master of Science in International Business Management                    May 1998

   High Point University, High Point, North Carolina                                                  


Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management                        May 1992                            

   North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina                                     


North Carolina         #30691                                                                          March 2003

South Carolina         #72930                                                                          November 2004

US Patent Bar          No. 77,863                                                                     February   2019

US District Court – NCMD                                                                             July 2003

US District Court – NCWD                                                                             September 2011

US District Court – NCED                                                                              October 2011

US 4th Circuit Court                                                                                        September 2011


The Wallace Law Firm                                                                                   March 2003 – Right Now

      Federal civil and criminal litigation, trials and appeals for complex fraud, business, intellectual property, real estate, computer crime, privacy and consumer law, et. al.  Excels in computer forensics, compliance detection and complex problem solving.  Designed software for advanced litigation techniques including rule based case analysis, forecasting, exposure detection, litigation management and trial preparation.

Rowan Superior Court                                                                                   2002

    Clerk for the Senior Resident Honorable Judge Larry G. Ford in Salisbury, North Carolina.  A 240 hour internship attending Superior Civil and Criminal court and briefed complex issues of conflicts of law and procedure.  He drafted: orders for appropriate relief, new pattern jury instructions, memos for civil summary judgment.

IT Systems Programmer and Engineer                                                      1996 - 2002

    An independent computer engineering providing creative design and construction of system database solutions, infrastructure and competitive marketing for all sized businesses.  He designed and implemented proprietary small to large business networks.  He also provided training, maintenance and service solutions for small to large business’ IT needs.

Bryant Electric Company                                                                              1996 - 1998

    A systems designer and estimator for electrical engineering in Archdale, North Carolina.  He was responsible for creating job estimates and technical improvements for municipal and commercial bidding projects.  He analyzed work process flow and created Bryant's database software and network to streamline information access and retrieval of their commercial and municipal construction business.

CompUSA Account Executive                                                                     1994 - 1996

    Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, Steve was tasked to pioneer and develop the corporate Eastern NC territory for networks.  He supported North Carolina’s emerging critical IT and business IT networking infrastructure market.  Steve advised, designed and negotiated the originators of today’s mission critical network systems for banks, hospitals & municipalities.  He was recognized as a problem solver that could identify needs and develop creative solutions to complex and high-pressure environments.  His awards included: Top salesman (1995), Highest corporate wide lease (1995), Employee of the month (August 1994)


    Starting at a young age, Steve Wallace has authored many proprietary business and educational software packages.  He also designed and built infrastructure and architecture for the early mission critical network systems for municipalities, banks and transportation services.  Working with electrical engineering and components was more than just a hobby, there were many innovations in applications developed for commercial and residential proprietary uses.  Recently, Steve Wallace is applying for his first commercial disclosure in Patent Pending No.


    A youthful, Steve Wallace was inquisitive as well as chubby.  Taking apart things to see how they work hasn't changed much from childhood.  But now he deconstructs the issues not the toys.  Being an avid cyclist, runner and occasional triathlete, he looks to stretch the limits and stay in shape just to avoid diets.  When not working, he enjoys restoring his home, learning as he goes. 

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