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At WLF IP, individuals, corporations and start-ups can find affordable protection with expert preparation of US and foreign patent applications, PCTs, patent searches, opinions, agreements, copyrights, trademarks and trade secret development.

We Find the Best Protection Strategies for Your Idea

WLF IP is a full-service patent, trademark, copyright

and trade secret law firm providing:


What protection will offer your idea a balance of marketability and enforcement.  Most protection is only a right to a lawsuit.  Make sure you are ready to defend what you protect.  Use your agreements.

          o    Confidentiality 

          o    Non-Compete

          o    Independent Contractor

          o    Invention Assignment

          o    Joint Explotation



Providing patent and trademark searches, patentability, validity and infringement opinions that can help forecast any exposure your idea may have entering the market or consider the probability of receiving patent protection and determine the next appropriate steps in preparation, filing and prosecution of a patent application..

          o    Patent searches

          o    Patentability 

          o    Validity

          o    Infringement


From copyright, trademark and patents, WLF can provide the filing for you. We handle your filings through prosecution and appeal.

o    Provisional patent filing

o    Nonprovisional patent filing & prosecution

o    Trademark filing & prosecution

o    Copyright registration

o    Assignment registration



Any protection achieved is only as good as the litigation results it produces.  At WLF-IP we strive to strategically prevent others from infringing through identifying exposure to well planned  and executed litigation.

o    Trademark and trade name prosecution

o    Federal infringement litigation

o    Copyright infringement prosecution

o    PTAB Inter Partes Review, Post Grant Review or  Supplemental Review


Now that your idea is off the blackboard, is it ready for reproduction or licensing?  We offer a full complement of analysis to aid in forecasting what avenues of protection and dissemination your idea needs.


When it comes to marketing, branding or sales, an agreement is involved if you want your idea in the hands of others.  This protects your registered idea or trade secret through licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, and non-competition agreements. 


Beware of false solicitations

Check all notices to see if they are actually only solicitations!

If the USPTO is concerned - so should you.

Solcitations can be in many forms looking like "official" requests or priority correspondence.  Please view the USPTO's warning to help prevent you from making a terrible mistake.


An Idea Consultation

We are open to discuss your idea. 

Send us a message and we will meet you on our secure white space.

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